I am a divine light that is here to channel messages from the angelic realm to bring you peace and guidance. My purpose is to have a positive impact on your life and help you support you on your own life's mission.

I have had many years of experience using my abilities as an empath, to tune into others feelings. This will allow you to understand yourself and others more clearly and can help align you to your higher truth. My experience as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist can also assist us to uncover the past and stay in tune with the present moment. No case too complicated, as I have experience with wounded veterans and others.


 Topics depend on individual client needs and are personalized. They include Soulmate/Karmic Connections, Career, Twin Flames, Family, Commitment, Life Purpose/Past lives & Traumatic events. You will have the opportunity to have all your inquiries answered, during a session. 

Most clients describe feeling a healing energy or lighter, after visiting their concerns or subject they would like to focus on. Let's dive into your situation together to ensure you are on the right path to manifesting what it is you are truly looking for, so you can live out your dreams! Dios envía a sus ángeles a hablarme.

Blessings, Renee

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Types of Sessions