7 Ways to Heal Jealous Energy

Let's face it, we are all humans that are experiencing a wide variety of thoughts, feelings and emotions. One type of emotion that we tend to experience that we also sometimes stay in denial about is jealousy. Although it's quite common in our human experience, it can hinder our ability to co-create and manifest our desires into reality. It's the type of vibration that can repel the very thing we want.

If jealousy is taking over our focus, the universe is not able to deliver what we want to in a timely manner because we are honed in on our "lack" of something. Imagining we already have all we need and we are grateful for the blessings already in our lives can quickly reactivate our special manifestation powers. We also tend to assume things about others that are clearly not true and let our imagination run wild as well, once jealousy takes hold. There is even evidence that jealousy can actually cause a persons aura to shift to a smaller size and dark muddled color.

Here are 7 helpful hints to assist you in healing and managing jealous feelings:

1. Limiting Your Social Media Time

This tends to really help during times of insecurity and low energy. It's important to stay in touch with friends and family, but a text or a phone call may be better. Temptation can suck you into a vortex to peek at an ex's photos of their new sweetie or compare yourself to your best friend and her amazing family vacation. The less online time you look at other's selfies and comparisons --the better! There are plenty of online activities and even other types of social media and screen based activities to keep you more positive, including Pinterest. Pinterest is like a "living dream board"for sharing interests with like minds & ideas of what you want your life to be about.

2. The Universe has Unlimited Abundance for Everyone

This is a concept that is important to grasp, to know and to believe. We live in abundance where there is no scarcity. The next time your colleague gets a promotion, it's important to congratulate them and feel genuinely happy for them. Initially, you may want to wish they would fall into a hole, after they stuck you with extra work last week that they didn't do. However, they are not taking "what was meant to be yours". There is a greater and more divine plan for you. There is plenty for all and we are just all in different stages of our journey. Be inspired, rather than jealous. It will grant you far more open doors and your time is coming soon.

3. Self Improvement

You will not have time to notice if someone else's garden is greener, if you are tending to your own. Set some goals for yourself in health, diet and fitness. Reflect and focus on your best self and most ideal self. You will be so busy in your own personal development that you won't have time to notice the woman living down the street has decided to get fake breasts and is now driving a brand new Benz. Celebrate your natural look and your happy vibes, while feeling good about becoming the best version of yourself.

4. Reflection

Reflecting on your triggers and past incidents, can help you shift your thinking in your current space. Likely you have grown and have figured a few life lessons out. What triggered you to feel self conscious or insecure in the past? How did that turn out? Could you really control the situation or did it control you? Chances are we have pushed someone away or acted so out of sorts, it may not be a good idea to repeat that embarrassment. Likely, jealous actions and feelings didn't get you anywhere.

5. Awareness

Recognizing jealousy when it pops up, and owning it can allow you to shift focus and eventually you will stay on top of it. Why are you feeling this way? Does it serve you? It's just about being aware that its happening and how you will find the positive outlook instead . You will be able to train your mind to attract more positive thoughts, in no time! Just takes a little focus. Own it, be aware of it and change it!

6. Appreciate Yourself

If you're experiencing some insecurities within yourself, you may need to thank yourself for the amazing person you are. How have you changed for the better? Thank yourself, also for all the hard work you do and the time and effort you spend on helping others. Treat yourself to something nice or spend just relaxing as a reward for being so giving and such a positive beacon for others. Life is tough and likely you have made tons of progress, if you just take some personal inventory, you will notice it all.

7. Fake It til' You Make it

So things may still pop up and that is okay. We are all at different points on our journey to personal growth, manifestation and healing. Just move forwards and show some happiness towards others accomplishments and sometimes abundant opportunities. Although you may initially want to resort to old ways, smile and see how contagious it can be to do this. You will eventually see that it will serve you far better than chatting behind someone's back or being negative towards yourself or others. You got this!

With all these tools, it will definitely push you forwards towards increasing your positive vibrations and decreasing any lower jealous energies, existing in your life. Remember, the person you are having feelings for-- most likely adores you too and can't wait to see you, the job you want is on the way to you and the house you have already is just your style, until the next stage of your life appears.

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