Answering Your Soul's Calling

Updated: Sep 13, 2018

Inside of ourselves, we often feel called and pulled in a direction that we never thought possible. It may not even make sense to us that we are searching so far within and realize we are drawn to a direction that never occurred to us before in the past. Many times we even may wait for something to "happen" or overthink our next steps so much that we feel the time is never right and make excuses. This can put us at an impasse for an extended time.

What we must remember is that we must visit the path of least resistance and not knowing what exactly is next is perfectly fine. It is a personal journey in which we just have to put the next foot in front of the other one in order to align our lives for our higher good and be active participants on our own journey. The Universe will have our backs here, if we get out of our own way. A shift in thinking is often what is needed to accelerate us towards our life purpose, goals and hopes. Whatever it is we are drawn to do.

Ways you can move into alignment of your soul's calling faster:

  • Positive visualizations

  • Making a change or decision, even if we do not know how it turns out yet

  • Inner work that allows us to check in with what we truly feel we want and what is for our higher good.

  • Raising our vibration by eliminating toxic food, situations and stress related scenarios (more on this topic soon)

For a deep dive into your spiritual journey, book a session and we can both visit a customized plan to help you shorten or rid yourself of any blockages that may be impeding your path to success.

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