Healing Crystals : Selenite

In this series, I am discussing crystals that can promote wellness, healing and insights. I have been asked a lot of info recently about it, so I want to post it, so others can learn and use the benefits that crystals can offer.

Another fave that comes to mind is selenite, so i will offer up what I know about it. I have a selenite lamp (which is 10x more powerful than a Himalayan salt lamp) and several pieces of crystal itself. I keep them nearby depending on the work I am doing. They are sold in the form of a tower or a wand, as some of those terms appear when you order it. They have a crystal clear, but almost a holographic visual when you look @ them in the light. Should be handled gently as little flecks, can shed. Below is a piece i use regularly in my daily spiritual practice and life :

Some benefits of selenite include :

A hypnosis aid....to put someone under easier

Awareness of a past life

Psychic awareness and ability to connect to spirit guides

Improves mental sharpness and concentration

Works with tuning your crown chakra

Attracts angels and helps interpret angel messages clearly

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