Love or Fear?

As stated in A Course In Miracles, there are only two emotions --Love and Fear. So whatever emotion you are experiencing that is not love, is based on fears. Most of our fears are not real and we often assign something as "negative" in our own minds, when it shouldn't hold any energy at all for us. It's a process of re-programming of our own minds to achieve a higher vibration of living.

Love should come to us naturally, compassionately and organically. When we are not acting out of love, we are actually going against our very nature. When we slow down we can consciously start to identify if we are acting out of fear or are we acting out of love? Imagine how powerful that would feel to be able to have that much control over your thoughts and emotions. Well you can do it today! This will definitely evoke change within yourself and how you feel about your life and other people.

I have been working with a few clients lately with journal exercises for the New Year. Everyone would like to get a jump start on their spiritual journey in 2019 and there is a common focus on choosing love and compassion. This has already brought results to a few of us. It's a pleasure to work with people that are embracing the messages and applying them to their daily lives.

Spiritual Homework : Pick up a journal and reflect and record a time within the last few months when you could have chosen to treat someone with love, but you acted completely in an opposite way. Perhaps you were defensive, rude, harsh or judgmental. How would you treat this person or situation going forwards this year? When you acted out of fear, how did that make you feel later? This is very personal and you can uncover a lot from this revealing exercise.

For any questions about this concept, feel free to reach out or book a session. Thank you for all of my lovely clients that have supported me in 2018! I am truly grateful for each of you.

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