Nature Balances Your Heart Chakra

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

The fourth and middle chakra, also known as the heart chakra can easily be thrown off balance or blocked. Located above the breastbone -- this energy center is associated with love, self-love and the love of others. It's associated also with the color green and the element that represents air.

If your heart chakra has an imbalance, you may notice some feelings of irritation, difficulty feeling connected with others, blurred boundaries or people pleasing. Passive-aggressive types of behaviors, depression and envy can also be associated with things being out of alignment in this area.

An easy way to bring your heart chakra back into balance is simple and quite literal! Visiting the outdoors or nature. The color green found often in natural settings with trees, plants and foliage - helps restore the natural energy! It even enhances the ability to feel compassionate and fosters a love for the beauty of the outdoors. The associated element of air, can be also positively affected by breathing in deeply fresh air. I recommend doing this several times a week, or until you feel more peaceful and balanced in your heart. If you cannot make it outside try viewing some beautiful photos of trees or nature, while you sip some green tea.

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