Reconnecting With Yourself

Updated: Apr 28, 2019

It's been awhile since I have updated my blog and it's a time in my life when I am feeling a lot of changes and a lot of soul searching is taking place, within myself. In the midst of a major move and big changes, which is a longer process overall and causing limbo. Planning can be a different experience than reality, but staying positive helps steer the ship. Of course I am totally here for my clients and we have made some incredible breakthroughs in the month of April, together! Feeling blessed for sure as well, as challenged, wrapping up the month.

A common energetic theme, I am seeing across the board is not forgetting who you truly are. Tapping back into those energies and getting in touch with the real person that is inside of yourself. It sounds like a self absorbed goal? Overall, it truly is altruistic in itself, as you cannot support and inspire others, if you are totally depleted and feeling lost. I'll admit it can be a painful process to see that you may have spent not quite enough time doing the things you love, based on what other people may want from you. Sacrificing your values at times, as well.

Renee post hike @ Sandia Peak, via the La Luz Trail. An incredible and rewarding view.

A few months back, I made a decision to get clear with myself on who I truly am and I have decided I will not compromise on continuing to be the loving and giving person I am. Deciding just because some people do not understand me, I will not approach others with a closed heart, in fear they will reject me, too. Choosing not to stay forlorn and feeling down.... I will keep open and positive, so that other members of my soul tribe will find me.... for excellent connections and soul friends!

Tap into your truest self and honor what makes you unique. Do the things you enjoy the most and activities that truly inspire you. Spend time with your creative side or offer to help others in need. Being of service is the greatest medicine, when you have not a friend in the world!

I will be available frequently coming up for online sessions, healing and more! I will be having a intuitive healing workshop in late fall and will have more information on that. Also, my binaural sound healing project will be launching around the same time! Lots of exciting additions to my work and I am so excited to be on this journey with all my amazing clients! I am so grateful for you all. If you have any questions on anything mentioned above or want some help getting started on reconnecting with your soul, please reach out!


Renee xo

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