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Updated: Sep 16, 2018

Taking responsibility for setting boundaries for yourself and making "me" time a priority, can be a little challenging for some. It's extremely important for our spiritual development and overall well being. It sounds like a simple topic, but it can be very complex, personal and contain many layers that can be peeled back for review. Many of us already try to take time out, but due to a variety of scheduling issues and varying situations -- it is not enough.

Reviewing my past career situations, it is now glaring at me that I felt very on-edge and guilty taking time off and enjoying myself for many years. I had way more control over my time than I thought I did, back then. I had allowed my career and work stress to leak into my personal space and the perceived judgement of others control me. Contemplating what is now important to me has allowed me to move forwards and make better life choices, that includes downtime for myself. When I am not with clients or dealing with family health issues, I am often creating balance in my life as an absolute "must have".

I'm totally not saying you have to adopt a new bohemian lifestyle or quit your career to have peace or tons of free time so you can be more spiritual. However, investing in yourself will allow you to contribute to many areas of your life. Without giving to yourself and replenishing your energy, you will find yourself with so very little to offer and feeling run down.

A prerequisite to receive love from others and the Universe is self-compassion and kindness. Give yourself permission to enjoy the things you love and include fun and relaxation into your day. Even positive self talk is a good way to include this into your daily life. Some affirmations you can try include :

- I am now creating my life exactly as I want.

- I am free of worry as I honor my commitments.

- I matter and I am allowed to say "no" to others and "yes" to myself.

- I am confident and deserve to treat myself respectfully.

- I am abundant in all things that bring me joy.

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