Worm Moon | Full Moon March 9, 2020

The full moon of March, is often described as the Worm Moon. This marks the start of Spring. This year the moon is also a "supermoon". So it should be seen and felt more intensely, than your typical full moon.

The energy of this moon in Virgo highlights healing and hope. Some other common themes includes the illumination of an illusion or falsehood. Something you once thought was a good path or idea, is now not in your best interest. A challenger or lesson at this time is that we may realize someone has been dishonest with us. A helper or positive aspect shows that we may be able to focus on some important tasks at hand and re-organize our lives much easier and stay motivated.

To get a head start or to learn about how to work with the energy of the full moon, please feel free to reach out & ask questions or book a session with me! :) Spaces are filling up.



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